class is31fl3731.Matrix(i2c, address=0x74)

Charlieplexed 16x9 LED matrix.


Reset the matrix.


Get or set the sleep mode.

autoplay(delay=0, loops=0, frames=0)

Enables or disables autoplay.

If delay is 0, autoplay is disabled. Otherwise the display will switch between frames frames every delay milliseconds, and repeat the cycle loops times. If loops is 0, it will repeat indefinitely.

fade(self, fade_in=None, fade_out=None, pause=0)

Disables or enables and configures fading.

If called without parameters, disables fading. If fade_in and/or fade_out are specified, it will take that many milliseconds to change between frames, with pause milliseconds of dark between.

frame(self, frame=None, show=True)

Change or get active frame.

If frame is not specified, returns the active frame, otherwise sets it to the value of frame. If show is True, also shows that frame.

audio_sync(self, value=None)

Enable, disable or get sync of brightness with audio input.

audio_play(self, sample_rate, audio_gain=0,
agc_enable=False, agc_fast=False)

Enable or disable frame display according to the audio input.

The sample_rate specifies sample rate in microseconds. If it is 0, disable the audio play. The audio_gain specifies amplification between 0dB and 21dB.

Get or set blink rate up to 1890ms in steps of 270ms.

fill(self, color=None, blink=None, frame=None)

Fill the display with specified color and/or blink.

pixel(self, x, y, color=None, blink=None, frame=None)

Read or write the specified pixel.

If color is not specified, returns the current value of the pixel, otherwise sets it to the value of color. If frame is not specified, affects the currently active frame. If blink is specified, it enables or disables blinking for that pixel.

class is31fl3731.CharlieWing(i2c, address=0x74)

Driver for the 15x7 CharlieWing Adafruit FeatherWing.

Has the same methods as the :class:Matrix above.